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Almost one-quarter of you prefer Monday evenings as the new SFlickr meeting day. Thank you for voting! (By the way, two of you voted for “other” but did not specify anything in the comments. Please comment here!)

Next up: we need a new location. In the comments on our last post, we determined that we need something both close to public transit (Muni, BART, and Caltrain) and central enough that the North Bay contingent would not be excluded.

Our group started small, so Café Abir worked well initially. Should we “reset” and head over to Café Abir? What are your thoughts?

Comments on: "Reviving SFlickr: Monday evenings win poll, location still needed." (2)

  1. Building on location options…

    – The Creamery @ 4th & King, SF
    – RayKo Photo Center – 428 Third Street, SF
    – Sightglass Coffee – 270 Seventh Street, SF
    – Brainwash Cafe – 1122 Folsom St, SF

  2. BART accessible and central seem in conflict.

    North Bay folks, are you going to be driving in? Or what?

    Cafe Abir is close to home for me; the various SoMA locations aren’t too far from work, either. RayKo would be on-topic but it’s unfortunately caaaaaaaaaaakeless šŸ˜¦

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